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Three Lessons for Creative Women From Entrepreneur Cindy Gallop

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At the recent 3 Percent Conference in London, United Kingdom, entrepreneur and outspoken advocate of gender equality in the workplace Cindy Gallop said in her keynote speech, "The new creativity is female-informed."

Gallop, the founder of, is crusading for the power of creative women in business. Her Twitter bio is her launch pad. It reads: "I like to blow shit up." She swears; she says it how it is; and she has started to make me "gallop" and hustle harder in my creative work.

I didn't attend the conference, but I closely followed the conversation online. An article from Marketing Magazine UK nicely sums up Gallop's speech about how to change the gender ratio in business.

I've pulled three inspiring statements from Gallop's speech that creative women can use to strengthen their potential:

1. "Fear of what other people think is the most paralyzing thing in life. You will never own the future if you care what people think."

I think it's fair to say that 99 per cent of women care what people think, as much as we tell friends, family, and ourselves that we don't. We care about how we dress to impress other people. We wonder if saying no to something will lead to being judged. Through these fears we lose our potential.

A former manager and mentor once said to me, "if you don't speak up, you're the only one that loses." She's right, and she encouraged me to share my opinion, without fearing if I would be judged.

Make it a goal this week to speak up with an idea that you've been afraid to share, and throw out any worry about what others will think.

2. "The next job you take should be the 'one you create.'"

I previously worked in a structured corporate environment, where I was constantly focused on the next promotion.

I made a life and career change a year ago to travel and work remotely. I'm working hard to create a role as a freelance writer. I decide how many hours I work a day; I decide if I want to work in a co-working space or work in a cafe; I can work with creative women locally or globally. It's up to me to carve my path every single day, but I never thought this lifestyle was possible until I took the leap out of my comfort zone.

Start carving your own role whether than means presenting new ideas for an old process or suggesting new elements of your role. Go beyond a job description and show an employer what you can add to the company.

3. "If you are working somewhere where you can't disrupt and innovate, get the f**k out."

I left my last job because it wasn't a place to experiment with new ideas. After five years I needed a new challenge or I wasn't going to grow in the direction I wanted.

Startups can be a great place to innovate, create, and grow with a team that moves quickly and encourages constant change. Check out employment sites like,, and to search jobs with startups that offer remote working experiences.

Last, Cindy has also said: "You get to better sex with better communication. You get to better everything with better communication." Start expressing what you believe in and ask for what you want. If it's not working, then have the confidence to start carving your own path.

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