10/07/2015 07:04 EDT | Updated 10/07/2016 05:12 EDT

Dear Rest Of Canada, Let's Do This. Love, A B.C. Voter

Sunrise over Burrard Inlet, viewed from the SeaBus

Here's something the rest of Canada might not know.

By the time the news blackout was lifted on election night in previous years, the decision had been made and our ballots hadn't even been counted yet. It's my least favourite part of living in B.C.

Though the tables might turn this election, I still can't overlook the opportunity to make a final plea to Canada from me, here in B.C.

Dear Newfoundland and Labrador - you take the lead on all fronts. First to see the sunrise, first to see the sunset. Will you be first to cast the wave of change across the country? You are kind and funny, smart and resourceful. You've got this.

Dear Maritimes - you are so full of promise yet we, as a country, neglect you because you don't have enough seats to make the difference. That's a darn shame. I've never seen such beautiful, welcoming, kind, creative towns in my life. It's long due past your turn. Take it.

Dear Quebec - you are passionate and stubborn. I know, I'm one of you. Please don't let the niqab veil your common sense. You likely won't elect many Conservatives (you dealt with that last time) but if you act out of anger and chose the Bloc, you could very well cost the rest of us our chance to live free of that rule. Je me souviens. So do you.

Dear Ontario - what a rough go you've had recently. Sorry about the loss of all those manufacturing jobs. Seriously, it's a real eye-opener to visit Ontario of late. It's not what it was or what it should be. Enough already. Let's fix that. Make it beautiful again.

Dear Manitoba - friendliest province ever and awfully practical to boot. Your understanding of diversity is next to none. Let Oct. 19 be a tribute to that. See you at Folklarama soon, I hope.

Dear Saskatchewan - what a whirlwind this resource economy has been for you. You've seen your income go down and up and down again. Your province is flat -- you deserve the stability of a sustainable growth. And we couldn't make a loaf of bread (or many other things) without you. Thanks for that and Go Riders.

Dear Alberta - you are my new favourite. You're a bit like that cool kid in high school that some are afraid to approach. In turns out you've elected some of the most progressive municipal and provincial leaders in the nation. You work hard and you mean well. I get it. And I'm grateful. Thanks, neighbour.

Dear Nunavut, Northwest Territories and the Yukon - I'm so sorry to say I don't know you very well. I wish I did. I also wish I lived in a country where your concerns and your contributions were more prominent down here near the 49th parallel. I hope we can change that together.

Dear B.C. - you know I love you, but sometimes you can be a butthead. Some of us are stuck in old-school (or shall I say old-stock) thinking. It's a big wide world and we have a significant role to play in the future of the province, the country, and the global economy. But we have to embrace risk and change to get it done. So let's make sure our neighbours up north and back east have to stay up late to see what we have to say about the future of our country.

See you after the vote. Let's make Canada bright again.

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