We likely can’t know the exact number of cases stemming from the “variants of concern."
For those of us whose fitness motivation is zip, zilch, zero!
Human rights advocates are concerned by "ableist" assumptions about quality of life for those with disabilities.
Providence Therapeutics says it's working to address variants, but would like more help from Ottawa.
“All of a sudden I was being tackled... I was in shock and I was just like trying to squirm free, like I had no idea what was going on."
"Bushy, bare, or halfway there," the campaign says.
The Canadian NXIVM survivor is glad "The Vow" didn't make her "the next Carole Baskin."
Canada is grappling with more than 65,000 cases and at least two new variants.
Blood thinners appear to prevent some COVID-19 patients with moderate illness from deteriorating further, according to the research.
Prime minister makes grim announcement during Downing Street press conference.