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5 Signs You Are Being Rejected

Many people have the tendency of falling for someone who isn't right for them or interested in them. You may call it human nature, but I call it denial. The truth of the matter is that oftentimes people are blowing you off.
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So, you've met the "ONE," or so you think... The only problem is you are not sure if that person likes you. If you are wondering and there aren't any obvious signs, then your wondering is probably in vain. Sorry... That person probably doesn't like you... at least not the way you like them. (But, what do I know? I am not a relationship expert. I'm just a girl with a blog.)

Many people have the tendency of falling for someone who isn't right for them or interested in them. You may call it human nature, I call it denial. The truth of the matter is that oftentimes people are blowing you off (in the nicest way they know possible), and yet you choose to see it differently. You cling to the possibility that the other person likes you instead of facing reality. If you are not sure if you are being blown off, here is your guide.

1. Too Busy. Someone who is interested in you will move heaven and Earth to see you. We are all busy, but if we really want to do something, we always find a way to make time for it. You move your schedule around, create time or do something. That person is not escaping your grasp, that's for sure! If it's someone you aren't really interested in, you're not changing your schedule or setting time aside for them. You're just not that into them. Same can be said about anyone who is too busy for you!

2. Can't Reach Them By Phone. In this day and age, if someone tells you their phone is "conveniently" not working on a Friday or Saturday night, they are probably LYING to you. Or if you text them and it takes them a while to reply, you're not of real interest to them. Sorry, them's the breaks. The fact of the matter is that if someone is really into you, they have their phone close at hand. They are waiting to receive a text or a call from you. Why? Because they are excited to hear from you!

3. They Make Tentative Plans, But Don't Confirm. This person will have you talking about getting together to catch up over drinks or going to a movie but never follows up. If you try to corner them, they will conveniently have some event or activity that conflicts with your tentative plan, but will be quick to offer a rain check over and over again. Someone into you will always firm up the plan and schedule a date!... Move on!

4. They Give You the "I'm Not Ready For a Relationship" Line. What they really are saying is that they are not ready for a relationship with YOU... This person does not want to burn their bridges, in the rare case they do discover they want to be in a relationship with you. This is closely related to Mr. Someday. Essentially, this person wants to put you on layaway plan while they see what else is out there. If someone is really into you, they are going to scoop you up immediately. They aren't going to risk losing you. They know your worth and don't want to lose you to another person. Really, erase this person!

5. They Give Glowing Reviews About Members of the Opposite Sex Around You. If you are interested in a girl and she is mentioning how fabulous or gorgeous a guy she met in passing was, she is telling you as subtly as she knows how that she's not into you. Take it as insightful news and don't waste another precious thought on that person.

When someone is blowing you off, you may find yourself essentially chasing them! You might be strategic as to when you call them, you tolerate their lame excuses of unavailability and you carefully weigh what it is you do and say around them.

You, my dear, are a shell of yourself. You are chasing that person and they don't want to be caught by you! They might not want to burn bridges by being upfront with you, but they are being completely selfish. Oddly, the more you give in to their ways, the less appealing you appear... How can they respect you when you don't respect yourself enough to set boundaries? If you are being blown off, it's not a pretty feeling. Sure, it stings a little, but it is better to know now than to linger and waste your time being delusional about the future. Don't ever give anyone free rent space in your head if they can't take the time to recognize your worth. You deserve better! Besides, would you really want to be with someone who is only slightly interested in you?

Your non-expert relationship blog girl,