04/04/2013 02:05 EDT | Updated 04/04/2013 02:07 EDT

Style Of The Women Liberal Leadership Candidates (PHOTOS)


Justin Trudeau has nothing on his fellow female candidates for the Liberal leadership race when it comes to style.

We’ve gushed over Justin’s many fun outfits (remember his cowboy hat?) and his ever-changing hairstyles, but now it’s time to give the ladies a chance to sartorially shine. (Sorry Martin Cauchon, we'll get to you another time).

Martha Hall Findlay

The 53-year-old businesswoman and former Liberal MP for Willowdale is known for her colourful scarves and no-nonsense shoulder-length hair but she has recently undergone a stylish makeover complete with chic blazers and a shorter coif. Someone's trying to look good for the cameras!

Deborah Coyne

Coyne is a lawyer and professor; professions which historically don't allow for the most stylish outfits but the 58-year-old, who used to date Pierre Trudeau and has a daughter with the late Prime Minister, isn't one to be cornered into a fashion box.

Joyce Murray

She's the Liberal MP for Vancouver Quadra and isn't afraid to wear colour. The 58-year-old, South Africa-born politician is known for her pastel button-up shirts and a metallic necklace that she never takes off. Ever.

Karen McCrimmon

We don't mess with a woman who was a Lieutenant-Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces. She can wear whatever she wants and we will love it, SIR!

Check out the styles of the women running for the Liberal leadership:

Style Of The Female Candidates of the Liberal Leadership Race 2013