06/04/2013 04:55 EDT | Updated 06/04/2013 05:03 EDT

Yvonne Jones, Newest Liberal MP, Mistakenly Heads Over To Conservatives (VIDEO)

She’s taken the oath, signed the roll, now where is she supposed to sit?

Newest Liberal MP Yvonne Jones, who defeated former cabinet minister Peter Penashue in the Labrador byelection last month, sparked big laughs in the House of Commons on Tuesday afternoon when she attempted to join the Conservative caucus.

Well, not really. But she did get a little too close to Tory turf.

Jones received a warm welcome from all parties when she was presented to Speaker Andrew Scheer by Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and Newfoundland MP Gerry Byrne.

“She has taken the oath, signed the roll, and now claims the right to take her seat,” Trudeau said.

But after a congratulatory handshake from Scheer, Jones mistakenly moved towards the Tory side of the House and was jokingly heckled.

“It’s okay,” said Scheer, chuckling.

After some help from what appears to be Tory MP Joan Crockatt, who won a Calgary Centre byelection in November, and a few “come on back here” motions from Trudeau, Jones headed toward Liberals — and was jokingly heckled again with shouts and chants of “shame.”

“If there’s one day where I’ll let that go that’ll be today,” Scheer said.

Jones later took centre stage in question period where she apologized to the Speaker for her slip-up and thanked him for his tolerance. She asked two questions regarding search and rescue services in Labrador which she claims have been “gutted” by the Tory government.

Later, Jones tweeted a photo of her and Trudeau.

“It is official, MP for Labrador proud to join the @JustinTrudeau team and to represent the fine people of Labrador.”

Some applause, some laughs, maybe a new friend across the aisle — doesn’t seem like such a bad first day.

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