Anyone spending under $20 on a Mother’s Day gift deserves a motherly time out.

But think about all times you've given your mother an expensive piece of jewelry or tech gadget, and Mom, being Mom, selflessly says, “Oh no, you shouldn't have spent so much on me!”

And while we all can agree it's the thought counts, this Mother's Day (May 11), take time to think about something your mother needs and can make use of, rather than doling out cash on something that looks pretty. (Hey, you can even do both!)

Here are 20 budget-conscious gifts that would get even the most frugal mom’s approval.

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  • For The Mom Who 'Likes' Everything You Do

    If your mom is going to follow you on Facebook and Instagram on her laptop, she might as well look good while cybersmothering you. This compact laptop sleeve looks like a stylish clutch purse and also provides padded and water-resistant protection. The attractive design might even encourage your mom to post a photo of your gift on her Facebook timeline under the heading: “Best Mother’s Day ever!” <a href="" target="_blank">Microsoft Laptop Sleeve, $19.97</a>

  • For The Earth Loving Mom

    Buying cleaning products for Mother’s Day is a risky move that only Dad would dare try. But if your mom is all about mother nature and protecting the environment,she <em>might</em> appreciate some natural cleaning products. Still, you better get Mom some flowers to go along with this gift idea, or at least offer to clean the house for a month. <a href="" target="_blank">ATTITUDE cleaning products, $2.99 to $10.99</a>

  • For The Active Mom

    This isn’t your mother’s ordinary water bottle that she carries around during workouts or jogs. The Rejuvenate Hydration is on another level: It has a long slotted tube that holds fruit slices to subtly flavour the water. The silicone pulp guard underneath the lid minimizes pulp intake. The flip top lid is also leak proof. <a href="" target="_blank">Rejuvenate Hydration Bottle, $15.50</a>

  • For The Connected Mom

    Moms that like to accessorize will appreciate Acoustic Research’s new line of pretty tech accessories, each designed with input from more than 1,000 women. In particular, the bright and colourful charging cables for micro USB and 30-Pin add a designer’s touch to everyday tech accessories. <a href="" target="_blank">Acoustic Research for Her: Charging Cables, $11.99</a>

  • For The Mom On The Go

    Your mom will appreciate the Bracketron if she runs. The lightweight gadget will make it easier for her to carry her smartphone and other essentials while working out. It also features an easy-to-see, built-in reflector so passing drivers and cyclists can easily spot your mom, especially if she’s one of those urban runners unwilling to break their stride for stoplights and crosswalks. <a href="" target="_blank">Bracketron TruRunner, $19.95</a>

  • For The Mom Who Likes To Jam

    Your mom will be the talk of her tea party when she pulls out her pocket-sized mini speaker to provide some mood music. The lightweight, rechargeable mini speaker has a 360-degree sound design and features a built-in audio cable which folds to store directly into the bottom of the speaker. It also has an enhanced bass resonator, just in case your mom feels like cranking it up when any Dr.Dre or Snoop Dog songs come up on her playlist. <a href="" target="_blank">Kinivo: ZX100 Mini Portable Speaker, $19.95</a>

  • For The Flower Lover

    Almost everyone is going to get their mom flowers for Mother’s Day. You can take an extra step by getting your mom flowers… in a designer vase. The heart-shaped Bud Vase has cylinder glass tubes that can slide out for easy cleaning. <a href="" target="_blank">Sweetheart Iron Heart-shaped Bud Vase, $16.78</a>

  • For The Mom Who Loves Fashion (But Doesn't Like To Spend)

    The Kollar Clothing Toque is perfect for the mom that frets about buying department store fashions because she doesn't want to look like everyone else. Kollar Clothing is a boutique line that was started by young Toronto fashion designer David Kollar. The toque itself is light enough that it can be used to complement outfits for early spring. <a href="" target="_blank">Kollar Clothing Toque, $20</a>

  • For The New Mom

    Getting ready for a newborn can be a hectic experience. As such, expectant moms will probably appreciate a Mother’s Day gift that consolidates all their needs in one little bundle of joy. The Bamboo Wipes Gift Set features natural and organic baby skincare from Aleva Naturals. The gift set includes: baby wipes, pacifier and toy wipes, breathe easy wipes and teeth wipes. <a href="" target="_blank">Aleva Naturals: Bamboo Wipes Gift Set, $19.99</a>

  • For The Bird Watcher

    If you have a mom that is an avid bird watcher, you might have experienced the joy of seeing her comically chase squirrels away from the birdfeeder every morning. The Stumper looks like a fortified birdseed fortress – and it is. It features a squirrel resistant metal cage and twist lock top. Not even a team of Ocean’s Eleven-type squirrels could crack this safe. <a href="" target="_blank">PERKY-PET Squirrel Stumper Birdfeeder, $19.98</a>

  • For The Retro Mom

    You can’t buy Mom a time machine for Mother’s Day but you can at least buy her a retro Adidas wallet to take her back to her youth. <a href="" target="_blank">Adidas Wallet, $15</a>

  • For The Mom Who Needs Mom Time

    This one’s for the mom that likes to chillax with a good book, soft music, and some scented candles. Prosperity Candles aren't only relaxing; they are also designed to do some good in the world. Each candle is handmade and ethically poured. The candles also come with a story about the woman who poured it. From pillars made by Iraqi widows, to repurposed glass votives from Haiti — each candle is handmade by another woman. <a href="" target="_blank">Prosperity Candles, starting at $20</a>

  • For The Mom Who Runs The World

    The quintessential gift for strong, talented mothers everywhere, Beyoncé's perfume incorporates the singer’s favourite flower, the orchid. RISE is an intoxicating floral that includes Italian bergamot, gold symphony orchid and autumn woods accord — perfect for the mom that wants to get her diva on. Beyoncé RISE, 15ml, $20, available at a variety of stores across Canada

  • For The Mom Who Likes To Give (Even More That Is)

    If your mom has a warm place in heart for charity, she'll appreciate this small gesture with a big impact. Buying this bundle of two rabbits could create an instant business for a family abroad. <a href=" utm_source=SpringGC2014pdf&utm_medium=OnlinePDFCatalogue&utm_term=GiftCatalogue&utm_content=OnlinePDFCatalogue&utm_campaign=2014GiftCatalogueSpringFY15#/7" target="_blank">Two Rabbits from Christian Children's Fund of Canada, $20 </a>

  • For The Extra Fancy Mom

    Pamper Mom with the limited edition Sally Hansen Mother’s Day Salon Gel Polish collection that comes in shades of turquoise, coral and metallic. You can even add to the nail salon vibe by gossiping about boys... your dad. Sally Hansen Mother’s Day Salon Gel Polish collection, $14.95, available for a limited time exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada

  • For The Rock Star

    Your mom is a rock star, so help her look like one. The NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner has an interesting mix of intense pigments with a hint of liquid metal reflections that would make the band members of KISS jealous. You can even package the rock star eyeliner with concert tickets to your mom’s favourite band. NYC Show Time Velvet Eyeliner, $3.49, available at drugs stores across Canada

  • For Supermom

    Let your mom know that she’s your superhero with Wonder Woman Caped Socks – which indeed feature tiny capes. The socks are one size fits all and also available in Batgirl and Supergirl designs. Warning: She will risk revealing her secret identity every time she takes off her shoes. <a href="" target="_blank">Wonder Woman Caped Socks, $17.99</a>

  • For The Mom Who Gets All Sentimental

    Show Mom how much you care this Mother’s Day with an original bookstore-quality photo book, e-book or even cookbook of favourite family recipes. Blurb allows anyone to make the perfect, top quality book full of personal words, favourite photos, and even videos. It’s a very personalized gift that will undoubtedly have your mom reaching for tissues. <a href="" target="_blank">Blurb Mother’s Day Book, starting at $9.99</a>

  • For The Jet-Setter

    The Travalo is a practical gift for jet setting moms on the go. Travel restrictions will make it hard for Mom to bring along her favourite perfume bottle as a carry-on. The Travalo has a pump-and-refill system that transfers Mom’s favorite fragrance into a finger-sized dispenser. <a href="" target="_blank">Travalo (portable fragrance device), $20</a>

  • For The List Lover

    Mom will save paper and feel confident that her messages will never get lost again with her LED message board. Five super bright LED lights are used to illuminate whatever message Mom writes using a fluorescent marker. The only drawback is that you can never again say that you missed Mom’s message to take out the trash. <a href="" target="_blank">Trademark Home LED Writing Menu Message Board, $16.90</a>

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  • Get Geraniums

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> Traditional <strong>The Flower:</strong> Geraniums <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> Geraniums are also seen as "traditional" flowers at most garden centres. To make your gift stand out, try putting your geraniums into a hanging basket.

  • Purple Orchids

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> Modern <strong>The Flower:</strong> Orchids <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> If your mom is all business, buy her a vase of purple orchids. She can keep these outside or at her desk at work.

  • New Mom

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> New mom <strong>The Plant:</strong> Baby tears <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> If there's a new mom in the family, all the attention is usually paid to the new baby. Baby tears have tiny little petals (that look like baby tears), and looks the best in terrariums or in a backyard rock garden.

  • Wild Momma

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> The wild mom <strong>The Flower:</strong> Columbine <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> If your mom loves bending the rules and lives with a free spirit, columbines will help make any of her spaces stand out.

  • The Super Busy Mom

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> Busy mom <strong>The Flower:</strong> Sedums <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> Sedums are low in maintenance and need little water. To surprise the mom who does it all, leave her a vase at work or at home.

  • The Athletic Mom

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> Mom who loves staying active <strong>The Plant:</strong> A veggie plant <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> If it was Mom who drove you to all your soccer games and still manages to keep up with her yoga schedule, she'll appreciate a minimal care veggie plant that she can devote her "free time" to.

  • The Hugger

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> For the mom who can't stop hugging you <strong>The Flower:</strong> Forget-me-nots <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> We have huggers and then we have HUGGERS. If Mom is the latter and gets super emotional every time she seems you, make her love you even more with a pot of forget-me-nots.

  • Grandmothers

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> For the g-ma <strong>THE Plant:</strong> African violet <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> A classy flower for a classy lady. Buy your grandmother a bouquet of African violets this Mother's Day.

  • For The Travel Lover

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> For the mom on the go <strong>THE Plant:</strong> Fern <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> If she loves to travel or spend her time at the family cottage, give her a gift that she can bring with her. Pro tip: Get a glass terrarium.

  • The Mom Seeking Happiness

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> Mom who has been through it all <strong>The Flower:</strong> Sunflower <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> If 2013 was a tough year for Mom (maybe she lost someone or maybe she went through a divorce), brighten up her day by leaving her breakfast in bed with a bunch of sunflowers.

  • For The MIL

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> The mother-in-law (who can take a joke) <strong>The Plant:</strong> Sansevieria <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> Sansevierias are basically flowering plants. If your MIL can take a joke, buy her a pot of these and label them, "mother-in-laws tongues".

  • The Cook

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> Mom who loves to cook <strong>The Plant:</strong> Chives <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> Chives are ideal if your mom loves to get creative in the kitchen. She can also cut up the chives and use them in her next meal.

  • The Spiritual Mom

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> Spiritual <strong>The Flower:</strong> Lilies <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> If your mom is religious, spiritual, or just trying out meditation for the first time, lilies symbolize passion.

  • The Budget Lover

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> Mom who stays on budget <strong>The Flower:</strong> Hydrangeas <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> Hydrangeas can last forever (well, for the most part) with proper love and care. If you (and your mom) love fresh flowers but don't like the price that comes with them, opt for pretty purple hydrangeas in a glass vase.

  • The Gardener

    <strong>The Mom:</strong> Mom who loves her garden <strong>The Plant:</strong> Panicum <strong>Make It Stand Out:</strong> If Mom already has her green thumb, she'll obviously know that panicum (a species of grass) was crowned <a href="" target="_blank">Perennial Plant of the Year.</a> Regardless, she'll appreciate your garden knowledge.

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  • Daily Reminder

    Your mom might pretend she doesn't like the sentimental stuff, but give her this pillow and just see how proudly she displays it on her couch. <a href="" target="_blank">From $40,</a>.

  • Jewel Holder

    At this point, your mom's amassed plenty of great jewelry, and she undoubtedly wants a special place to store, while also seeing it on display. <a href="||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-" target="_blank">Antique Silver Jewelry Boxes, from $79, Pottery Barn</a>.

  • Carrying Case

    If your mom is more of a traveller, then she needs a place to keep her precious jewels safe while journeying around the world. This gorgeous envelope will do that — and double as a clutch in a pinch. <a href="" target="_blank">Morelle & Co. Audrey Jewelry Envelope, $23.99,</a>

  • Custom Watch

    A family photo grinning back at your whenever you check the time? Any new mom would love that, especially since the selections can come from her Instagram account. <a href="" target="_blank">May 28th, $44US</a>.

  • Watered Down

    Mom's garden needs to grow, and there's no better way to help ensure that than this stellar watering can, known as one of the best brands in the world. <a href="||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-" target="_blank">Haws Traditional Watering Can, $105, Williams-Sonoma</a>.

  • Cool It Down

    Mom might be the ultimate hostess, but even she can't make white wine instantly cold — but this gizmo can, which she'll appreciate for both quiet time and party time. <a href="" target="_blank">Ravi Instant Wine Chiller, $38,</a>.

  • Safety First

    Make sure Mom's tablet is always nicely (and fashionably) enclosed in a padded spot. <a href="" target="_blank">Marc by Marc Jacobs Zip Up Tablet Sleeve, $68US, Nordstrom</a>.

  • Perfect Cook

    Mom is obviously the best cook you know, but if she likes testing her boundaries, there's no better opportunity than following along with award-winning chefs (or at the very least, staring at their recipes' photos). <a href="" target="_blank">The James Beard Foundation's Best of the Best, $43,</a>.

  • Everything In Its Place

    If your mom has a vanity table, or even a really lovely hallway table, she'll appreciate this stunning mirrored tray that will make even the random stuff from your pockets look great. <a href="" target="_blank">American Atelier Round Mirror Tray, $30.30,</a>.

  • No Slipping

    Whether Mom's doing headstands or just starting out in yoga, she'll love some more gear to help with her practice. Socks that ensure non-slippage (gloves are available too) will keep her warm in the winter months as well. <a href="" target="_blank">Jogi Yoga Socks, $10, Real Canadian Superstores</a>.

  • Getting Hot In Here

    If Mom's saute pan is getting a little dinged up, a new one will be greatly appreciated, especially when it's of Le Creuset quality. <a href="" target="_blank">Saute Pan, $200, Le Creuset.</a>

  • Put Your Name On It

    There's something so elegant about having monogrammed soaps in your powder room, and Mom will really appreciate the crisp towels that accompany this gift set too. <a href="||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-" target="_blank">Williams-Sonoma Home Monogrammed Soap & Towel Gift Set, $88</a>.

  • Tea Service

    If your Mom has a taste for colourful housewares and a penchant for mint tea, this Moroccan-inspired tea set will be right up her alley. <a href="" target="_blank">Moroccan Tea Set, $76,</a>.

  • Flowers That Last

    Who doesn't love flowers — especially the kind that will never wilt? These fabric beauties will make Mom smile whenever she sees them. <a href="" target="_blank">Fabric tulips, $51, Etsy</a>.

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