Every single "Big Brother Canada" viewer saw it with their own eyes: contestants Jon Pardy (the eventual winner of Season 2) and Neda Kalantar (the third-place finisher) were made for each other.

According to ET Canada, what we thought for the entire season was actually true -- there were romantic sparks between the inseparable houseguests.

ET Canada
WAKE UP CANADA! has confirmed 'S & are dating! Stay tuned for their first interview as a couple!

Yes, the rumoured couple is now dating. After Pardy's $100,000 win things changed for him, and fast. He broke up with his girlfriend, Janelle, who lives in his home province of Newfoundland. No word on any fallout from the split.

At the "Big Brother Canada" Season 2 finale taping (at which I was present), once Jon was pronounced the winner, there was obvious friction onstage between Pardy and his girlfriend. When he stopped to hug Kalantar, who was still stinging after Pardy eliminated her, Janelle was there next to him, glaring.

In the post-finale interviews (conducted immediately afterwards in the "BBCan" backyard), Kalantar was visibly shaken and very upset. Pardy, on a winner's high, was jubilant and excited. He was very quick to say that he loved Kalantar, but "like a sister." Well that has obviously changed, if it was ever true in the first place.

Here's a photo of the two holding hands in Vancouver not too long ago:

jon neda big brother canada

And here's a hand-on-leg shot:

jon neda big brother canada

(Photo courtesy ofwww.trevwoh.com)

To refresh your memory, here are a few GIFs of the "Big Brother Canada" lovebirds. Tell me it's not obvious. Like a sister. Please.

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  • 'Big Brother Canada' Season 2 Cast

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  • Ika Wong

    <strong>Age:</strong> 29 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Born in Montego Bay, Jamaica (lives in Thornhill, ON) <strong>Occupation: </strong>Hair Stylist <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Extra, witty, and charming.

  • Adel Elseri

    <strong>Age:</strong> 27 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Edmonton, Alberta <strong>Occupation: </strong>Welder, Inventor <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> The. People’s. Champ.

  • Anick Gervais

    <strong>Age: </strong>28 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Hanmer, ON <strong>Occupation:</strong> Reiki Master <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Eclectic, outgoing, and spiritual.

  • Andrew Gordon

    <strong>Age:</strong> 27 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Calgary, AB <strong>Occupation: </strong>Restaurant Manager <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Outgoing, energetic, and intense.

  • Arlie Michael Shaban

    <strong>Age:</strong> 25 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Claremont, ON (currently living in Stouffville, ON) <strong>Occupation:</strong> Unemployed, but I’m treating this experience like a job. <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Passionate, energetic, and conniving.

  • Heather Decksheimer

    <strong>Age:</strong> 23 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Barrhead, AB (currently living in Edmonton, AB) <strong>Occupation: </strong>Model Agency Coordinator <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Fun, outgoing, and bubbly.

  • Jon Pardy

    <strong>Age:</strong> 23 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Clarenville, NL <strong>Occupation:</strong> Student <strong>Describe yourself in three words: </strong>Fun, energetic, and goofy.

  • Kenny Brain

    <strong>Age: </strong>25 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Grand-Falls Windsor, NL (currently living in Montréal, Quebec) <strong>Occupation:</strong> Model <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Ambitious, confident, and intelligent.

  • Kyle Shore

    <strong>Age:</strong> 24 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Porter’s Lake, NS <strong>Occupation: </strong>Personal training and picking up the ladies downtown. It might as well be an occupation. <strong>Describe yourself in three words: </strong>Jacked, charming, and athletic.

  • Neda Kalantar

    <strong>Age: </strong>22 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Vancouver, BC <strong>Occupation: </strong>Freelance fashion stylist <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Blunt, sassy, and clumsy.

  • Paul Jackson

    <strong>Age: </strong>43 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Born in Cape Town, South Africa (lives in Toronto, ON) <strong>Occupation: </strong>Consultant, Motivational Speaker <strong>Describe yourself in three words: </strong>Analytical, funny, and creative.

  • Rachelle Diamond

    <strong>Age:</strong> 20 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Edmonton, Alberta <strong>Occupation: </strong>Student <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Loud, talkative, and funny.

  • Sabrina Abbate

    <strong>Age:</strong> 25 <strong>Hometown: </strong>Montreal, QC <strong>Occupation:</strong> Hair dresser and make-up artist <strong>Describe yourself in three words:</strong> Fun, big-hearted, and big-mouthed.

  • Sarah Miller

    <strong>Age:</strong> 32 <strong>Hometown:</strong> Osgoode, ON (currently living in Langley, BC) <strong>Occupation: </strong>Mortgage Broker <strong>Describe yourself in three words: </strong>Fun, outgoing, and kind.

  • Plus ... One More

    "Big Brother Canada" will be introducing a mystery guest during the premiere on March 5. You have to tune in to find out!