We Canadians are an appealing lot, no? We're polite, charming, self-effacing. Generally well-read. We like good music, for the most part. We dress nice.

So in theory, we should have some good game when it comes to picking up online. This guy started off bold, but maybe he needs to work on making his close less... Canadian.

canadian pickup line

Or he could just take a page from the Biebs...

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  • "I don't want nobody when I got your body."

    Follow up with a closed-mouth smile and creepy gaze (see photograph at right).

  • "If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go."

    Make sure she knows that you're serious: Rush over and envelop her in a giant hug.

  • "You're beautiful, you know it, I think it's time you show it."

    Perform an impromptu cheer as you recite this "Bring It On"-worthy rhyming line.

  • "In my head, we're already together."

    Tap on your head for emphasis.

  • "It's crazy to me, I even see you in my dreams."

    Proceed to describe the bizarre dream you had last night, inserting her into it, of course.

  • "I don't know your name, but I love your smile."

    She'll expect you to ask her name as a follow-up, but just keep smiling eagerly instead and wait for her to volunteer it.

  • "Everything about you girl is so contagious"

    Jokingly sneeze loudly on her to show your winning sense of humor.

  • "If I could just die in your arms, I wouldn't mind."

    Clutch your heart and fall to the ground for dramatic effect.

  • "For you, I'd walk a thousand miles."

    Bust out a moonwalk and she won't be able to resist.

  • "Don't be so cold, we could be fire."

    Use this line after any of the others if they're not going over as well as you had hoped.

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