04/23/2015 04:55 EDT | Updated 04/23/2015 04:59 EDT

Vancouver Canucks Get Advice From Kids (VIDEO)

The Vancouver Canucks are on the brink of elimination in their first-round playoff series with the Calgary Flames.

At this point, anything would help, right?

So we asked some fifth graders at Henry Hudson Elementary School in Vancouver what advice they would give the Canucks to get them back in the win column. (Watch video above.)

For Daejung Choi, it all boiled down to training: “If I were the Canucks, I would practice more hockey to win the playoffs.”

However, classmate Lily-Anna Girard saw the problem to be more with the fans in the stands than the players on the ice. "People that go to the games should wear more Canucks things — like half the time, only like a quarter of the people have jerseys on, so we need better fans," she said.

"All the fans that aren’t for the Canucks shouldn’t be allowed in the arena." (Like this guy.)

And if Vancouver loses Game 5 and bows out of the playoffs on Thursday?

Girard said she'd be sad but advised the team to stay positive in the off-season.

Choi is more about the tough love: “I’d practice more hockey and I want for them to have more advanced players so they can win the playoffs.”

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