09/24/2012 06:03 EDT | Updated 03/11/2013 05:10 EDT

Bra Fit: Avoid Squoob, Cleavage Spillage And Breast Wardrobe Malfunctions


While celeb outfits were supposed to take centre stage at Sunday night's Emmys, it became apparent to us — after a few A-list entrees onto the red carpet — that squoobs, breasts and cleavage were set to steal the show.

From Kat Dennings' squished chest to Sofia Vergara's droopy assets, something was missing from almost every Hollywood starlet's award-night wardrobe: A bra.

Even when a celeb wore one, like Zooey Deschanel, the undergarment malfunctioned. (Deschanel had to have her bra cut off after she and her publicist noticed it poking out from under her strapless dress.)

Now, we know finding the right bra to fit and lift a bod is a tough job. But if you're a famous face in Tinseltown (especially if you're walking a red carpet), you likely have a stylist and multiple wardrobe experts to help you out. So what gives?

One expert believes people may be relying a wee bit too heavily on bra adhesives and glue. Alicia Vianga, a HuffPost blogger and bra fitting expert, notes these concoctions won't help lift breasts — they simply ensure an outfit won't slip past the nipple. "Unless absolutely necessary, be sure to wear a bra. It will give you lift and shape your outfit," Vianga writes.

She also notes there are ways to prevent cleavage spillage when you're wearing the wrong bra for a specific ensemble: "Make sure the cup size is the right size! A cup that's too small will lead to bulges, spilling and of course popping out. A cup size that is too big will lead to gaping and a lack of support. Wardrobe malfunctions can be avoided with a good bra fitting."

How can you prevent boob mishaps like the ones we saw at the Emmys? Here are some suggestions, from a recent story on The HuffPost U.K., that will help you tell if your undergarment is ill-fitting.

-- [If] there are red marks under the shoulder straps or indentation marks on the shoulders. The marks indicate that the back of the bra is too big and that the ribcage is not supporting the weight of the breasts

-- The back of the bra should be horizontal from the front of the chest rather than rising up at the back

-- The front of the bra should fit the sternum firmly

-- If you have flesh spilling out from sides or top of the bra cup (known as the quadraboob) — the bra cup should snugly enclose the breast

-- If the wires dig in, the cup size is too small

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