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Best Restaurants In Canada: Macleans Lists The Country's Top Spots

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Heading out for a bite, Canada?

In its first ever "Best Restaurants of Canada" issue, Maclean's magazine has taken a look at our country's culinary environment and whittled it down to 50 of the top places to go.

It's certainly not the first publication to attempt to categorize which food we prefer to pay for — Air Canada's EnRoute magazine has been counting down their picks for years, and every local newspaper and magazine tends to create its own list right around the holidays. But Maclean's has undertaken this endeavour quite seriously, enlisting the help of noted food writer Jacob Richler to assess and analyze the selections, breaking the country down into five regions: British Columbia, The Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Earlier this year, travel site created a similar list, and interestingly, there isn't much crossover between the two. Food, after all, is incredibly subjective, and one person's five-star meal could be another's late night snack.

But there's no question the culinary sun is rising on Canada, despite the country having been repeatedly snubbed from the top spots by lists noting the world's best. An increasing number of star chefs (not just celebrities) are crossing the border to set up shop, and Canadians are going out to eat in droves, inevitably pushing the quality up in the places they frequent.

Here's 7 of the notable spots on Maclean's list — for the full range, visit, and for further analysis, check out the issue, on newsstands October 1. And tell us — where's your favourite Canadian restaurant?:

Maclean's Best Restaurants In Canada

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