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'Lost Girl' Anna Silk Pregnant: Actress Shares Pregnancy Details


"Lost Girl" star Anna Silk dropped some pretty big news during Sunday's season 3 pre-show, "Lost Girl Confaedential": She's pregnant!

New Brunswick native Silk and her multi-talented actor/singer/writer/comedian/composer husband Seth Cooperman are expecting a little boy in early May.

HuffPost Canada TV spoke with the expectant mom from her Los Angeles home to chat about the exciting news -- including how it might impact the next season of "Lost Girl." [Showcase hasn't officially confirmed season four yet, but Silk shared what she could.]


Thank you very much!

What kind of reaction have you been getting since you dropped the news last night?

[Sunday] was the first time I said it publicly. I've been getting tons of Twitter and Facebook messages, lots of well-wishes. Everyone's been really great. More so than I even anticipated, so it's been really nice.

I know you're based in LA now, will you have the baby there or back in Canada?

We'll have the baby here in Los Angeles. We've been here since we finished filming season 3 back in September, so all my pre-natal care has been here. We have a great relationship with our doctor, so I'm really glad that I'll be having the baby here.

Will your baby be a dual citizen?

Ultimately, yes! My mom was like, "I'm glad he'll be born in the US, because he has the option of becoming president." [Laughs] She just wanted that option.

That's hilarious. I know you guys have a connection to presidents, since Seth sang for a president!

He did! He sang for George W. Bush!

So how will all of this affect the show? Will filming be put on hold until after you deliver, or will you work around everything?

All I can really say is that the show and the network have been enormously supportive. Our start-up time for a new season is usually late spring, so if anything gets put on hold, then it would just get put on hold for a little tiny bit. So it timed out really well. Hopefully we'll be having a fourth season and hopefully I'll be bringing a baby with me! Well, I'll definitely be bringing a baby with me.

How do you think the baby will react to Bo's wardrobe?

[Laughs] I don't know. I guess it's easy breast-feeding access! He'll probably love it, he'll be like, "Great, lunch!"

Of all of the "Lost Girl" characters, who do you hope your baby turns out to be most similar to?

Gosh, I don't know! I hope that he gets to go through every phase of each character. I hope he gets to be Bo for a while, and be really cool and strong and loyal. I hope he gets to be funny like Kenzi, strong like Dyson and wise like Trick! [Laughs] Everyone, really. Doctor-smart like Lauren. A real combo!

Has anything about the pregnancy surprised you so far?

When you get pregnant you start reading pregnancy books. Everything has been pretty textbook. It's amazing how they can say this week, this might happen and it kind of does. I had typical nausea the first trimester, which was no fun. And extreme tiredness. I was really grateful not to be filming -- by 10 a.m. I needed a nap and I'd fall asleep for like three hours! [Laughs] In the last three or four weeks I've started to feel the baby kick. I guess that's surprising. You can't anticipate what that's going to feel like. That's been a pleasant surprise. That's been a kind of bonding experience to really feel that baby moving around and exploring inside your belly.

I read that interview with you and Seth where you talked about getting married and converting to Judaism. Do you feel ready to be a Jewish mama now?

[Laughs] Yes, I do! Since getting back to LA we've started going back to services whenever we can and trying to do Shabbat dinners on Fridays. Trying to get back into that routine. It's difficult sometimes when we're in Toronto because I'm not home until really late on Fridays. It's nice to get back into that routine because we'll like to do that with our son.

Catch Anna Silk on "Lost Girl" "Lost Girl" on Showcase, Sundays at 9 p.m. EST in Canada. It premieres on SyFy in the US on January 14 at 10 p.m. EST.

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