04/06/2013 05:44 EDT

Liberal Leadership Showcase Style: Which Candidate Has A Winning Outfit? (PHOTOS)

Whether we admit it or not, when it comes to politics, clothes can make -- or break -- the candidate.

And although our politicians aren't known for their style savvy, sometimes they can surprise us.

Last March we analyzed the style of the NDP candidates and we've done the same for those running in the Liberal leadership race, held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on April 6.

Of course, no one was more stylish than the late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (remember those bad-ass suits?) who made Canadians swoon. The same can't be said for Stephen Harper.

And so, we judge the Liberals: Does Justin Trudeau’s curly hair make him look more powerful? Will Deborah Coyne’s makeover appeal to more voters?

We asked Christie Ressel, an international image consultant and founder of Personal Power Image Consulting, for her opinions on the candidates' outfits.

Liberal Leadership Race 2013 Style

Check out what the Liberal supporters are wearing at the showcase, and tell us: Who has better style: Political candidates or their supporters?

Liberal Style

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