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Paulina Gretzky, Is That You? Wayne Gretzky's Daughter Unrecognizable In 2005 Photo

Before the bum shots, bikini selfies, Masters games and private jets, Paulina Grezky was a young girl who just wanted to be a model.

Back in 2005 when the social-climber, who just also happens to be Wayne Gretzky's daughter, was a naive 16-year-old, she landed her first Flare magazine cover. (Paulina graced the cover of Flare again in their February 2013 issue.)

What a difference eight years makes! The young Gretzky, who posed with her Flare cover at the magazine's unveiling party, looks almost unrecognizable with her infamous blond locks several shades of brown darker and styled into tight curls. Paulina's fuller face betrayed her youth as did her girlish baby doll dress and shy smile. Standing beside her father, Paulina looked a bit unsure of herself, clasping her hands and bending her knee. (Paulina, unsure of herself? Never!)

After Gretzky's brief moment of fame, we didn't hear much about the Instagram-loving 24-year-old until the infamous scandal involving Wayne reportedly shutting down her Twitter because she posted racy photos of herself.

Since then, Paulina's fame has taken off and her look has changed drastically complete with straight blond hair, a more svelte figure and (do our eyes deceive us?) fuller lips and bust.

Never change, Paulina Gretzky!

Paulina in 2005:

Paulina now:

Yep, this really is Paulina Gretzky in 2005:

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