10/17/2013 02:08 EDT

Halloween Makeup Tutorial Video Shows Craziest Costume Ever

Halloween can get pretty scary what with all the wild zombie makeup, Heidi Klum's crazy costumes and terrifying pumpkins.

But none of the above is quite as frightening as a new Halloween makeup tutorial video made by beauty sage Promise Phan-sister-in-law to other video beauty queen, Michelle Phan-which shows her startling and downright scary transformation into a two-faced, um, diva.

The video, titled "Trippy 'Face in a Face' Halloween Make-up" was uploaded to Phan's YouTube page last week and has so far garnered more than 230,000 views.

In the video's description, Phan says that she was inspired to create this double-face look by Sebastian Bieniek's "DoubleFace" photo series, which features haunting pics of girls sporting creepy second faces.

Call us spooked!

Check out the scariest Halloween makeup looks:

(WARNING: Some photos are graphic and may be NSFW)

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