01/28/2015 10:51 EST | Updated 01/29/2015 02:59 EST

Douglas Coupland Vancouver Art Gallery Exhibit Can Be Toured On Google Street View

The future is now.

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Douglas Coupland's exhibit "everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything" may no longer be showing at the Vancouver Art Gallery (VAG), but you can now tour it on your computer.

The exhibit, which was incredibly popular during its tenure at the VAG, can be seen virtually through Google Art Project.

Translation: You can Google Street View your way into the VAG and ponder all of Coupland's intriguing, bizarre, and colourful installations.

"It is a compelling and relevant way to showcase Coupland's art through Google's powerful platform, as the artist frequently addresses the impact of technology in present-day society in his practice," Daina Augaitis, chief curator/associate director at the VAG, said in a statement.

Coupland is one of Canada's first living artists to be featured on Google Art Project. The Vancouver-based creator and author is known for his quirky body of work, which includes a pixelated orca whale, a giant statue of his head covered with gum, and a whole lot of Lego.

The future is now.

See photos from the exhibit:

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