03/24/2015 10:34 EDT | Updated 03/24/2015 10:59 EDT

Toronto Maple Leafs Have Lowest Turnout In Air Canada Centre History

Despite the Toronto Maple Leafs' horrendous win-loss record this season, the NHL team has always had the support of its die-hard fans. At least, until now.

It seems that even the people who bleed blue can't bother to support their team anymore.

Attendance at Monday night’s game between the Leafs and the Minnesota Wild was the lowest attendance in the Leafs’ 16-year history at the Air Canada Centre, at a less-than-capacity 18,366 people.

It was only the second time since 2002 the Leafs didn't have a sell-out crowd. The ACC's capacity is 19,800.

On ticket sale website StubHub, some tickets just before Monday night’s game were selling for a measly C$29 a pair. Tickets for games later this week and next have low-ball prices, with costs as low as C$35.

Now might be the best time to get your hands on Leafs tickets. For the remainder of the season, you can bet the prices will be slashed to get fans in the seats.

Did we bother mentioning that the Leafs lost to the Wild, with a score of 2-1?

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