02/26/2016 03:49 EST | Updated 02/26/2016 03:59 EST

Catherine McKenna Cracks Up After 'Sunny Ways' Quip In House

They'll always have Paris.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna broke out in laughter during question period on Friday after reminding her Conservative critic of good times had in France last December at the United Nations' climate talks.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna winces and then chuckles in question period Friday.

Tory MP Ed Fast rose in the House of Commons to lament that, despite "skyrocketing" deficits, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will spend billions on "foreign climate change projects."

Fast was referencing the Liberal government's pledge to contribute $2.65 billion over five years to an international fund to help developing countries tackle the issue.

And McKenna, he charged, has now "picked a fight" with the premiers of Saskatchewan and Yukon by pushing for carbon pricing despite their objections.

"After all the minister's rhetoric about co-operative federalism and all the warm and fuzzy platitudes about a new relationship with the provinces and territories, what happened… to the minister… what happened to sunny ways?" Fast emphasized.

McKenna shot back by recounting how the new government invited Fast to attend the climate summit. The previous Tory government famously excluded opposition MPs from such events.

"Actually, I was delighted to share sunny ways with him in Paris, where we went and did our part to tackle climate change," she said.

"What?" someone shouted, sparking guffaws and a finger-wag from Montreal MP Pablo Rodriguez. In no time, MPs on all sides were chuckling.

And after a sarcastic wince, McKenna also cracked up.

Speaker: 'So nice to see members getting along'

"It's so nice to see members getting along so well, but please let's have a little order," House Speaker Geoff Regan interjected.

McKenna then rose to quote a 2015 release from the CEOs of Shell, Total, and other oil and gas companies that "carbon pricing will discourage high carbon options and reduce uncertainty."

Her rival then said Canadian voters did not give the Liberals a mandate to "suck billions of dollars out of western Canada to spend on Liberal climate change projects."

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