04/29/2016 04:30 EDT

5 Uses For Dryer Sheets Other Than Just Your Laundry

The more you know.

Dryer sheets are often overlooked. We throw them into the drying machine with our wet clothes, they do their job of making our threads feel soft, and then we throw them out. That's it.

But these tiny little sheets actually have a lot more power than you think. Beyond the laundry room, dryer sheets can be used to fix many of your fashion and beauty woes.

Rushing to get to work in the morning and somehow manage to get your freshly applied deodorant all over your shirt? Don't worry. A dryer sheet can get rid of that evidence.

What about that static hair? A dryer sheet can be rubbed all over your head to help tame the flyaways. It'll also get rid of any static that's on your clothing too.

And if you're looking to get soft heels just in time for the summer, soak your feet in water and use a dryer sheet to soften the bottom of your heel. Genius.

Want more dryer sheet tricks and hacks? Watch the video above!

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