Women Athletes Are The Rio Olympics' Greatest Gift To Sporting Legacy

Who run the world?

Who run the world?

Women competing in Rio are owning the podium, gloriously racking up medals without abandon or f**ks given.

Not that some Olympic commentators and newspaper headlines — who have downplayed the incredible record-breaking women's achievements at this year's Summer Games — have noticed.

Aside from a bunch of rampant sexism going on in the media coverage of Rio 2016, plenty of systemic barriers have prevented women in the Olympics from succeeding. Rigid sex-testing regulations made track-and-fielders choose between medication or invasive procedures, Forbes reports.

Despite this, the women on Team Canada stand out for proving they are not to be underestimated, winning 14 of Canada's 18 medals as of press time.

For shattering expectations and defying terrible headlines, the women in the slideshow below are kicking ass in Rio and are proving sporting excellence "for a girl" is absolute garbage.

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Women Who Ruled The Rio 2016 Olympics