Superstorm Sandy has battered Canada's East Coast, but its effect on travel has already spread to other parts of the country.

Out west, officials at the Edmonton International Airport are expecting fallout in the form of delays and cancellations as the massive storm system works its way through parts of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes.

Flights coming directly from Toronto are expected to reach Edmonton without any trouble, but those flying from the East Coast and connecting with Toronto’s Pearson International Airport could face a bit of a headache, reports The Edmonton Journal.

In Calgary, WestJet has already scrapped evening flights from Calgary to Toronto, as well as Hamilton, along with a flight from Edmonton to Toronto. Air Canada has followed suit, cancelling a Newark-bound flight Monday and axing a United Airways flight to Chicago.

Aiport Chaos Spread To Twitter. Story Continues Below:

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  • Passengers wait for their flight at at LaGuardia airport, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012 in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

  • Travelers on Delta Airlines look at a departure screen Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, in Detroit. AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

  • The flight standby list is displayed as a couple of gate agents assist a passenger at LaGuardia airport, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2012 in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

  • An information board showing a cancelled flight to New York, due to the emergence of Hurricane Sandy, at London Heathrow Airport, England, Monday Oct. 29, 2012. (AP Photo/ Steve Parsons, PA)

  • Travelers on Delta Airlines look at a departure screen Monday, Oct. 29, 2012, in Detroit. Dozens of departing flights have been canceled at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport as a looming superstorm locks down flights to the East Coast.  (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

  • A monitor shows a display board with American Airlines canceled flights to New York on Monday, Oct 29, 2012, in Los Angeles. More than 60 departing flights have been canceled at Los Angeles International Airport as a looming superstorm locks down flights to the East Coast. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)


    My friend that's stuck @ JFK airport said a lot of the airport is flooded out!! Pretty sure the same happened @ LGA! No flights 4 a while!

  • Aurelio Tinio

    Stuck in long beach tarmac, as Jet Blue's JFK based control center seems to have been affected by #Sandy.

  • mirian

    JFK cancelled flight...which means my uncle is stuck in the #motherland #ecuador for another week. #lucky #extralongvacation

  • Iris Zimmerman

    RT @BWI_Airport: Most flights are still canceled today due to Sandy. Check with your airline to determine when their flights will resume.

  • Stacey McFadden

    My poor horsie is stuck in Frankfurt cause his flight to JFK got cancelled. Sorry buddy, I know how you feel. #sandy #travelproblems

  • ❥ CAPRIA ☀ MOON ♛

    I wish Disney had an airline. @Expedia has been completely incompetent in helping with this situation. I have no idea what I'm going to do.

  • PDXfactor

    Visiting NY for first time - it's a mess. Is there a Segway rental stand at the airport? Ruled out subway, taxi, and car rental. Have thumb.

  • Through the Monsoon

    There aren't flights from Mexico City to New York City and Washington DC ! It's a mess the airport here for this ! =\\

  • Michelle S

    Eeeewwww! Some old lady is cutting her nails in public at the airport (and leaving a mess behind too!) People are gross sometimes!

  • . Kitty .

    I look a hot as mess. Hope I don't pass anyone in the airport!😎

  • Candra Rea

    #Sandy has passed Charleston but still found a way to cause massive chaos @ the Atlanta airport..FINALLY on a plane! ✈After multiple delays

  • Athena

    Free copy of 'Murder of Crows' to pass the time while you're stranded @ the airport. Escapism from the chaos. #Sandy

  • NBC New York

    AIRPORT UPDATE: NYC airports open but carriers have all suspended service; Port Authority will take care of anyone stuck in terminal

  • ShutterfairyPhoto

    Chaos at the airport.. Everybody is going somewhere. Why are they letting their bags sit instead of people!!?

  • Anastacia

    Well, talking about hurricanes/disaster response with the host of "Say Yes to the Dress" may be one of my more interested airport moments.

  • Al Gates

    I am stuck in NYC #sandy what do I do might rent a car and drive to airport to get out

  • Kim Svedberg

    As most people who work at airport hotels I wish for more cancelations :-) #necessaryevil

  • Tanny Ponomareva

    Does anybody have friends in Tampa!? Yes, I got stuck in the airport. #tampa #ineedhelp #stay5days #survive

  • Fred Weasley

    Plane delayed..... Great stuck at the airport

  • Patti

    Stuck @ an airport because of #Sandy? If UR flying a European carrier, mention EU261 to staff & UR entitled comped hotel stays and meals!

  • Judy Battista

    Patriots just landed at Logan Airport, beating Sandy home.

  • Yung Thirst

    Fleetwood at the airport. Pray my flight takes off... 3000 cancelations.

  • Jim Cantore

    Sadly we may see parts of LaGuardia Airport runways & parts of the NYC subway system underwater with tonight's high tide. #Sandy

  • Elliott Kozlik

    Survived a hilarious night camping out in an airport. 6 and a half hours sleep over 2 days. What has happened to me.

  • bro safari

    Nonstop delays and cancelations today at the airport. Solution? Get drunk as shit and hope I wake up in Austin.

  • Luis Perez

    Hurricane sandy didn't hit Miami but it cause a crazy mess at the airport!!

  • John DeNovi/DSM

    Traveling up to Indy today. The TPA airport is a mess with cancellations due to #Sandy.

  • Gail Dudley

    Midway airport is a hot mess! People trying to get home to the East Coast before #HurricaneSandy

  • Awkward.

    @Team1DPhilly really? XD Newark is crazy and its right across from the airport so it's loud on top of all the mess :/

  • Alex Hannaford

    Self-check-in at @AmericanAir at JFK airport. The most chaotic, disorganised mess I've seen in a long time

  • laurendawn

    Wants to go ahead & thank Sandy for all the delayed cruise ships arriving in time to mess up flights at the airport. Delays & overcrowding!

  • Kenneth Himschoot

    And then, and then we boarded the plane. And then, and then, 2,5 hours later, we took off. #jfk you're horrible!

  • Caleb Lynott

    Met a disaster recovery the airport... Headed to the same region I am. #nobueno

  • Richard Maslen

    An image from Port Authority NY&NJ (@PANYNJ) showing flood waters from Hurricane #Sandy approaching LaGuardia Airport:

  • Dr. Boozer

    Praise G whenever there's a natural disaster, there's a dbag at the airport with a clip on tie and a short sleeve button down to piss me off

  • Curt Nickisch

    Sad #sandy [pic] @ Terminal C - Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

  • Steve Geraci

    @AirTran why didn't you email me to let me know my flight from ATL to DCA was canceled today until I got to the airport? Wasted $80 on cabs

  • savanna craig

    RT @lights: This is how you nap at the airport.

  • Meredith Carlton

    Glad I'm stuck in Florida. #Sandy

  • Anne Allred

    Patriots are stuck at London's Heathrow airport. Can't get back! #7news #sandy

  • Doug smith

    Flight got canceled till the am. Drinking beer listening to #red #taylor<3 my new friends from the airport have leftme


    Yall Pray i get out of NY tmrw morning!!! They canceled my first flight. now i gotta drive hours for another airport.

  • Zamra

    Parents aren't coming back tomorrow from HAJJ! Flight has been canceled cuz stupid darn #Sandy I dislike you! 3 weeks is long!!!! I'm 💔😢😢😪😓


    Flight canceled and im stuck at an airport..

  • Gil Fink

    My browser is full of opened tabs with weather reports and flight statuses. It feels like a command and control center :-\ #sandy

At the Ottawa Airport, the story of the day from travellers is very much the same to that of Monday’s slew of cancellations. As of Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. there were 42 cancelled flights — 24 arriving and 18 departing to U.S. cities like Washington, Newark, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston and New York, who have closed their airports after being walloped by Sandy.


Travellers at Trudeau International Airport in Montreal faced similar results as almost 100 flights have been cancelled as of noon on Tuesday to many of the same destinations. Earlier in the day, representatives at Pearson Airport tweeted out that roughly 25 per cent of its flights were cancelled. That works out to be about 168 inbound flights and 185 outbound flights, reports the National Post.

Would-be flyers hoping to escape directly from Toronto are also out of luck, as Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport has also cancelled most of its flights, according to CBC. The bulk of the cancellations are due to a suspension of service from Porter Airlines. The suspension is set to end at 3:00 p.m. Tuesday for allow for a reassessment of flying conditions.

Airlines are strongly urging travellers to check ahead of time with their carriers if planning to fly today or Wednesday.

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