08/14/2012 08:20 EDT | Updated 09/13/2012 02:04 EDT

Kate Middleton Olympic Fashion Lessons: What The Duchess Taught Us

It feels like we've been stalking the Duchess of Cambridge around the Olympics. That's partly because we have -- but it's for the love of fashion, you guys.

While Kate Middleton recycled looks day after day (which we're huge fans of), she offered some style life lessons throughout the duration of the London games. And that's what we're all about, so here are the lessons we're taking away from Kate.

1) If an outfit works, go with it: Kate found her Olympic go-to outfit before the games even began. We saw her sporting the skinny jeans, team GB polo shirt and Stuart Weitzman wedges from the moment the torch arrived at Buckingham Palace. Kate went ahead and wore this outfit while watching almost every other event she attended. The polo got swapped for a polar fleece or was worn under a Canadian-designed Smythe blazer. No matter how Kate wore it, the look worked and probably saved her a ton of time in the morning.

2) Have no fear of colour: Kate's go-to colours of the Olympics were blue and red, obviously. While she was never wearing a union jack or waving a flag, she represented the country in style. We loved the Zara blazer she wore to meet the Great Britain team, and her royal blue jeans tell us coloured pants are here to stay for fall.

3) Don't fear prints: Kate wore many prints -- stripes, polka dots and floral-esque to boot. And on the last night of the games, Kate shopped her closet and wore a printed dress by Whistles. She looked classy and effortless in the dress, yet it was nowhere near boring because of the print. We also saw her don polka dots with her red Zara blazer, which is bold for the Duchess (it's also a look we readily embrace).

4) When heels hurt, sneakers are okay: Stylish sneakers, that is. Kate gave her feet a break from wedges to wear a pair of red ADIDAS. This look is perfect for fall -- where we're expecting to see many people embrace sporty sartorial statements. Kate showed us wearing sneakers doesn't mean we need to look like we're leaving the gym. Paired with a skinny jean and polo (we'd substitute it for a blouse), the look is preppy, but it doesn't look like we're preparing for a sprint. It's perfectly professional.

5) It doesn't have to be expensive to be stylish: This is the major life lesson Kate has taught us. She is constantly wearing affordable pieces that make us believe it doesn't take a lot to run amongst the high-fashion set. Kate played ping pong in a $60 dress and made it look easy. This is one lesson we should all take to heart -- it saves us money and keeps us looking good.

Here are photos of Kate wearing the lessons we have learned:

Style Lessons From Kate Middleton