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Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes: 25 Stylish Celebrity Ideas (PHOTOS)

Have you decided to actually dress up for Halloween this year rather than spend the night watching scary movies? Or maybe your friends are making you go to a themed party? Perhaps your significant other is forcing you to wear a couples costume?

Halloween is not far off and if you're having trouble locking down a costume, we have some last-minute costume ideas for you that don't cost a lot of money and take very little effort to make. If Grumpy Cat isn't your jam and you don't have the bank account of Heidi Klum, then consider channeling your inner stylish celebrity so you don't end up as one of a million zombies that will fill the streets.

Here are some easy ideas that can be done at the last minute:

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Taylor Swift

Grab a cheap guitar or make your own DIY sequined microphone to accessorize your outfit which should include high-waisted short shorts and a sexy blouse. Don't forget the red lips!

Anna Wintour

Grab a pair of sunnies, a copy of the September issue of Vogue, a bob wig and your Sunday Best.

Victoria Beckham

Find your loosest piece of clothing you have (muumuu, jumpsuit, etc) as long as it's in black, put on a pair of your highest heels and strike a hard pose.

Kristen Stewart

This one's easy: All you need is a baseball cap, a white tee, skinny jeans and Chucks. Don't forget to frown a lot!

Jennifer Lawrence

Head over to your nearest Value Village and find an old ballgown, then when you're out and about, keep falling down on any stairs you can find.

Blow out your hair, wear a polka dot dress, find a replica sapphire engagement ring and for bonus points, get yourself a plastic baby.


Grab a sparkly bodysuit, curl your hair and you're golden.

Johnny Depp

Johnny is all about the accessories so wrap yourself in layers of necklaces, chains, bracelets and rings. Next, go to your local thrift shop and get a collared shirt, striped vest, blazer and an old hat.

Miley Cyrus

You don't need to look further than your underwear drawer to dress like Miley. Just remember to stick out your tongue a lot.


Baggy jeans, a loose tee, a few necklaces and a backwards Toronto Raptors cap is all you need to look like Toronto's Number 1 Fan.

Kim Kardashian

Brave the fall weather in a sexy swimsuit. Don't forget to carry your phone wherever you go to take Instagram pics. Baby North West not included.

Kanye West

Everyone should have Kanye's wardrobe staples in their closet: A jean jacket, plain grey tee, loose pants and a constant frown should do the trick.

Willow And/Or Jaden Smith

The most stylish siblings in Hollywood actually have looks that are easy to recreate. Just pull out an old pair of denim overalls, a rock concert t-shirt, wedge sneakers and voilà!

Ryan Gosling

Don't have a velvet suit lying around? No problem. Your local secondhand store should have one on the cheap.

Justin Bieber

Suck it up and buy a pair of cheap drop-crotch pants and put a toy monkey on your shoulder.

Marilyn Monroe

Ever wanted to walk outside in nothing but a bedsheet? Now you can! And if you don't have platinum blond hair, don't worry, just say you're Marilyn in her Norma Jean days.

Angelina Jolie

We're way past Angelina Leg so this Halloween, dress yourself in long robes à la Lord of the Rings.

Sarah Jessica Parker

SJP style staples are easy: Grab a pair of high heels, layer on lots of eyeliner and rock a flapper dress.

Michelle Obama

The First Lady is known for her accessible fashion, so head over to a Wal-Mart or Target to get a form-fitting frock in a vibrant colour. For bonus points, add an American flag pin to the outfit.

Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton's ex bestie is a fashion chameleon so you can basically wear whatever you want as long as it's avant-garde with a bit of a "Dynasty" twist.

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

Black, baggy and quirky: That's the general theme for the Olsen sisters' style. Make sure to purse your lips to show your exasperation at the less fashionable people in the world.

Kerry Washington As Olivia Pope In "Scandal"

Olivia's trench coat is not only stylish, but will keep you warm on a cold Halloween night. Make a White House visitor's pass and you're good to go.

Blake Lively

Mrs. Ryan Reynolds is all about showing off her bod so play up your legs in a mini-dress and high heels. Don't forget to carry a whisk and a cookbook to let everyone know that you're a pro in the kitchen.

Scarlett Johansson

Throw on your sexiest LBD, a strand of pearls and you're all set. If you really want to convince people that you're ScarJo, just lower your voice a bit and you're all good.

Kate Moss

All you need is a sheer top, blazer, skinny trousers, sexy heels and straight hair to rock the supermodel's signature look.

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