12/02/2015 03:59 EST

CBS Reporter Joe Galli Had It With A FHRITP Heckler. So He Fought Back.

Hecklers continue to harass reporters with the vulgar phrase, "f*** her right in the p****!"

And at least one TV journalist isn't going to take it.

CBS Local 2 reporter Joe Galli appears in a YouTube clip that shows him delivering a live hit from the Westfield Palm Desert Mall. The camera then pans away and a man can be heard exclaiming the offending phrase.

But Galli had a response of his own: "Oh, that's exactly what I did to your mother, buddy, real classy, real classy!"

Hopefully that's a lesson to the heckler that you shouldn't dish it if you can't take it.

This isn't the first time reporters have fought back against people uttering the phrase during live broadcasts.

Earlier this year, CityNews journalist Shauna Hunt openly confronted some men who were planning to say it while she reported from a Toronto FC game.

One man, Shawn Simoes, defended the phrase because he thought it was "f***ing hilarious." He later lost his high-salary job at Hydro One, though he was rehired following an arbitration process.

His ban from MLSE stadiums for at least a year, however, still stands.

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