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All The Christmas Recipes You'll Ever Need

From easy appetizers to stunning mains.

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The holiday season is a perfect time for foodies.

For foodies, the holidays might just be the most wonderful time of the year. Thanksgiving is nice, but it's just one weekend, and the holiday season is a parade of potlucks, parties, Christmas cookie exchanges and family get-togethers.

We've gathered some of our favourite recipes, tips and more to help you up your food game this year.

Stretched for time? Or just a novice in the kitchen?

The Christmas season is often a race against time. But you don't want to show up to your best friend's potluck empty-handed do you? Here are some recipes that can solve that dilemma.

Simple Recipe Ideas For Dinner Parties

There's a caramel-apple brie recipe that looks amazing and takes just 10 minutes to make.

Easy Potluck Dishes That Are Perfect For The Holidays

If you make those gochujang chicken wings and bring them to my party you'll be my friend forever.

30 Christmas Party Recipes To Start The Night Off Right

Are appetizers the best part of a dinner party? Maybe. We can't decide which of these tiny little morsels are the tastiest.

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Red cabbage apple and orange festive salad

Show the vegetarians in your life that holiday love

30 Vegetarian Recipes To Serve As Your Holiday Main

Skip the turkey or ham and make one of these instead. A veggie lasagna or pie is an equally impressive main for your holiday party.

37 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Was that vegetarian side dish a hit at Thanksgiving dinner? Why not make it again? Here are some of our favourites.

Now for the main course

Are you a traditionalist or are you more of an adventurous eater? Here are some ideas for that all-important Christmas main course.

25 Recipes For The Perfect Holiday Meal

These recipes are so good you'll want to make them year round.

28 Delicious Christmas Dinner Ideas

Not just 28 recipes for turkey or ham. Take your Christmas dinner game up to 11 with these recipes.

25 Stress-Free Christmas Dinner Recipes

Proper planning prevents poor performance. These recipes are simpler or have elements that can be made ahead of time so you can enjoy your friends and family without worrying about the prep.

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Red wine being poured into a stem glass at the table.

But what about the drinks?

OK. You really don't have time to cook for that upcoming potluck. Don't fret. Why not bring drinks instead?

10 Classic Cocktails Every Home Bartender Should Know

You're not gonna turn into "Cocktail"-era Tom Cruise, but knowing how to mix a decent old-fashioned isn't a bad skill to have up your sleeve.

20 Drinks To Try Out At Your Christmas Party

Bring the ingredients for a mulled wine or a hot milk punch and you'll always be invited back to the party.

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Christmas homemade gingerbread cookies on wood table. Used gingerbread cookies home-handedly made it from me. They are unique pieces and can not be found anywhere.

Don't Forget The Dessert

Oh? Did you forget to save room for dessert? Oh, bother. Guess you'll just have to take some of these home to eat later ...

Christmas Cookie Tips

Cookie master Dorie Greenspan gives us her tips for making the best Christmas cookies.

16 Easy Dessert Recipes For The Holidays

Put down that bag of two-bite brownies! With a bit of extra time and effort you can make something from scratch that'll taste better.

28 Delicious Christmas Dessert Ideas

Christmas cookies are great. But what about something a bit more adventurous. Here are some more ideas to impress those sugar addicts in your life.

Holiday Dessert Recipes So Gorgeous You'll Make Them Twice

Are you a steady hand with the icing bag? A wizard with the stand mixer? Try one of these showstopping Christmas desserts.

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Homemade leftover thanksgiving day sandwich with turkey, cranberry sauce, feta cheese and vegetables

What about those leftovers?

The best thing about Christmas dinner? The leftovers, duh. Here's some ideas for things you can do with all that extra turkey.

Why You Need To Store Hot Food In The Fridge

First, don't forget your basic food safety. You don't want a case of food poisoning from your dinner leftovers.

25 Breakfasts You Can Make With Leftovers

Sweet potato and turkey hash! Breakfast biscuits! Yum.

13 Brilliant Recipes To Use Leftover Turkey

You could make a turkey sandwich, but doesn't a turkey quesadilla sound better? Mmmm.

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