05/04/2018 11:34 EDT

Meghan Markle Has Flawless Technique For Applying Makeup In The Back Of A Car

Her hands. Don't. Waver.

She already has an enviable wardrobe of coats, bags, and Canadian fashion, not to mention a natural ability to pull off the perfect messy bun, but now we know that Meghan Markle has flawless technique when it comes to applying makeup in the back of a car.

No, we're not jealous. We're not jealous at all. (But seriously, how does she do it?)

A 2016 video that resurfaced this week shows the former "Suits" actress and makeup artist Bobbi Brown catching up in an Uber so Brown can show Markle the latest products from her eponymous beauty line.

But viewers won't catch Markle in a "no makeup" situation here. In the video, Markle, who already has her makeup fully done, explains to Brown that she's on her way to a meeting with producers about a possible film role while "Suits" is on a break.

Brown, ever the sage makeup guru, hands Markle a few retouching tools so the future duchess will look flawless at her meeting, and honestly, we wish we could have Bobbi Brown retouch (or heck, even do) our makeup every day on the way to work. (No one steal this idea for a TV show, it's ours.)

Watch the video below:

Brown instructs Markle on how to use retouching tools such as face pencils and wands to cover up blemishes (not that Markle had any to begin with), brighten up dark circles (again, Markle's eyes needed no help), and add highlight to her inner eye and cheeks.

Throughout the process, Markle's hands don't even waver as she expertly applies the makeup while looking in a compact mirror as the SUV glides along the streets of Manhattan.

All that work also meant that Markle, 36, and Brown had to do a little meditation before they got out of the car and continued on with their day, which we imagine involved other glamorous activities such as yachting with Tommy Hilfiger and having dinner with Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Look at that concentration.

Now, with the royal wedding just two weeks away, we can't help but wonder what Markle's makeup will look like when she walks down the aisle.

Royal fans might remember that Kate Middleton was rumoured to have done her own makeup for her 2011 wedding (using Bobbi Brown products, no less), so if this is true, Markle would be in good company should she also decide to forgo a makeup artist in lieu of her own abilities.

And while we won't find out what Markle's hair or wedding dress will look like until the day of the ceremony on May 19, there have been indications that her look won't be super traditional.

WPA Pool via Getty Images
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attend an Anzac Day service at Westminster Abbey on April 25, 2018 in London.

Consider that Markle and Harry have been adding deliberate personal touches to their wedding, such as breaking tradition by having Markle make a speech at the reception, inviting members of the public (including an Ontario teen), hiring a local chef to make the wedding cake, and asking for donations to their favourite charities in lieu of wedding gifts.

It's also worth noting that Markle has been breaking royal tradition when it comes to her personal style, such as rocking that aforementioned messy bun, baring her shoulders, and wearing modern pieces that you wouldn't expect to see on a future member of the Royal Family.

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