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Ontario Farmer Goes Big With Message Comparing Scheer To Ford

That's one way to get involved in politics.

Mike Southam via Danielle Takacs/Facebook
Federal Liberal candidate Danielle Takacs shared this photo of a message ploughed in John Langs' field in the Brantford, Ont., area on Sept. 20, 2019.

An Ontario farmer is ploughing his way into political circles by sending a message to voters with his farm. 

Federal Liberal candidate Danielle Takacs posted an image on Facebook Friday that shows a farm near Brantford, Ont., with the message “Scheer-Ford ain’t no difference!” carved into the green field.

“Proud Liberal farmer John Langs wants to get his message out and so do I,” Takacs, the candidate for Branford-Brant, wrote in the caption. 

The Facebook post was shared hundreds of times over the weekend.

The sign is a shot at federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Ontario Premier Doug Ford, the province’s Progressive Conservative (PC) leader.

Unlike Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Ford has shied away from getting involved in the federal election. Scheer and Ford have not campaigned together since the federal election campaign kicked off on Sept. 11.  

Scheer was asked about why the Ontario premier hasn’t appeared with him at campaign stops in the battleground province.

“The focus here is about supporting our candidates, getting our message out to people all over this country in every region,” Scheer told reporters last week.

“We’re going to win seats in provinces that haven’t had Conservative premiers in a while, we’re going to win seats in every region of this country.”


Despite his popularity taking a dive this summer, Ford insisted last week that his PC government was still popular in Ontario more than a year after winning a majority mandate.

“I’ve always said I don’t believe in polls, right? But you see the polls,” Ford said. “The media refuses to report on the good ones. They report on the bad ones. But the truth of the matter is if the election was held today, we would win.” 

However, the premier has been booed several times while appearing in public in recent months, including at the opening of the Youth Special Olympics in May. 

Liberals have been regularly linking Scheer to Ford on the federal election campaign trail.

Ford loves farmers

This isn’t the first time Langs has used his farm for political purposes. 

In September 2015, the farmer carved the message “anybody but Harper” on his property, targeting then-Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper.

“He’s the worst prime minister we’ve ever had,” Langs said of Harper in a 2015 interview with the Brantford Expositor

Scheer did not issue a response to the demonstration on his social media accounts. Ford didn’t directly address the message either, although he did reference rural workers on his Twitter account Sunday. 

“I love our farmers,” Ford wrote in a video post. 

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