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Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer Give Us Another Reason To Love Them

A friendly competition is just that for these two.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are the friends everyone wants to have and they're not afraid to say it, literally.

The two presented their movies, "Trainwreck" and "Joy" to the audience with their own brand of comedic humour, starting by talking about their celeb nicknames, J-Law ... and Aschu.

“Amy, you can’t just give yourself a celeb nickname," Lawrence quipped.

But it looks like she can, and she did.

In the end, Jennifer Lawrence took the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy, but that had no impact on the pair's friendship.

"She's gonna be fine," Lawrence said about beating her pal during a press conference. "It wasn't a matter of feeling bad, because she's funny and hilarious and will win many things. I really expected Amy to win, so this was very truly surprising for me. I was just really surprised."

Watch the video above to see why we all want to be their best friends.

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