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Big Brother Canada's Eliminated Contestant Andrew Talks Betrayal

This week on Big Brother Canada, Andrew's allies betray him when Emmett puts him up on the block for eviction, and Jillian votes to send him home.

HuffPost Canada TV talked to Andrew about his former allies and who he thinks is going to take it all. Read our Week 9 recap here.

Who do you feel is most responsible for your eviction? Why?

Obviously it's Emmett. He of course didn't vote as HOH, but he was the one that stabbed me in the back. I had a deal with Jillian for the final two and also a final three deal with the East Coast Alliance. I knew that Gary would probably vote against me and I think Jillian, in the last moments, found out that Emmett would vote to break that tie and to get me out because Emmett was afraid of me as a competitor.

How do you feel about being backstabbed by your alliance?

Feels good! Kidding. It feels horrible to hear Arisa say "2-0, Andrew, you've been evicted." That is not what I thought would happen. I had a lot of faith in Emmett and Jillian because I know that geographically speaking we'll be very close to each other very soon. I know it's a competition for money, but sometimes you hope that the relationships that you've built will trump taking home the money.

Who do you think is going to win it all? Why?

That's such a difficult question. I never thought Gary had a chance because I got him out three weeks ago! It's like a ghost returning from the dead. I feel like he's got the glitter magic to make it happen. If I could pick one person that I would like to win, I would like it to be Jillian. She's the one person that I trusted the most. We had a final two deal and I think that she would have kept her promise to me but she of course couldn't go against Emmett that late in the game.

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